Film department is dedicated to making the slum stories using film and empowering youth from all over Africa on ways to tell their own stories. The main aim is to take the students through the process of pre-production, production and post-production so then the students will be able to tell their stories in a manner that it can be well understood and appreciated by both local and international community

The film has had objectives and admissions that have made inspiring stories through the time in the slum.

What we do;

  • Training teens on film
  • Creating Workshops through the year for school going students
  • School Outreach Program
  • One on one Mentorship program
  • Making films and documentaries
  • Giving space to the students who have a passion for their film art

Over the years we have had Successful stories of how our programs have worked and helped change lives in the slums. Training of these young minds on film technology has made a huge impact on most of our youths who come to us to learn about Filmmaking.

The students will also be given endless opportunities once they pass through the festival’s program. It is our great pleasure to see the impact of the festival in celebrating of African filmmakers and the slum stories they tell in their streets through the African continent.