African Slum Photo Festival

African Slum Photo Festival (ASPF) is an initiative by the Mwelu Foundation which focuses on training young upcoming photographers from different slums in Africa photography and filming. This led to the birth of  African Slum Photo Festival Competition. The Aim of the competition is to bring young and upcoming photographers together to showcase their creative work and also awarding of the competition.

Master class Program

The Master class workshop happens every end of year before the ending ceremony. There is a call to participants through an Online Campaign on our social Media Handles and to our network of friends and colleagues, the team then short-lists the participants according to the set criteria

The Master class demands at least a practicing slum photographers not beginners in photography, The young talents will then go through a mentorship program with a professional photographer, who takes the photographer on how to break a niche in the market, creativity and what is expected of them a professional photographers.

Beginners Workshop

In the beginner class the call of application is also done online, but this are only photographers who have passion in the art have to be taken through all the step (Basic introduction in photography)


A one-week exhibition is held after meticulous Master class workshop, where the photos that were done after the workshop field by the participants are show cased in the exhibition and residents from the slum and Nairobi at large are invited to celebrate and see how their communities are being represented, the exhibitions are always done in open spaces within Nairobi to attracted a larger audiences.

Call for photo competition

A photo competition for slum photographer run concurrent with the photography workshop, photographer are asked to submit their art and the call is done through our social media and word of mouth.

Ending Ceremony –Festival Awards gala and Red Carpet.

After the exhibition, the workshop and submission we always have a closing ceremony where photographers around the world and the participant are invited, winners of the competition are announced and appreciated as well as the participant are recognized.


To create a platform for upcoming slum-based photographers all over Africa to showcase, interact and develop skills.


To empower young photographers in mastering their skills with mentorship to depend on photography as a career.